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This isn't a dream of the future.Electric vehicles (EVs) are here today! At a cost you can afford! We have the best electric drivetrain for sale in the industry. Most economical EV powertrain for EV conversion.

AC Induction Motors

Our AC induction motors range between 2kW up to 250kW of nominal power, available both with air or liquid cooling

IGBT Controllers

The motors are powered and controlled by an IGBT ECU, which converts the DC voltage to three-phase voltage at the required amplitude and frequency.
Advanced diagnostics and communications are provided through the CANOpen bus

Battery Packs With BMS

Our Battery Packs are state of the art with BMS on top of the batteries to monitor the most living part of an EV.

Axial Flux Motors

Axial flux motors offer the lowest possible copper loss. This translates to higher efficiency. In other words, more of the battery power gets turned into useful motor power.

Charging Stations

Our chargers offer energy freedom through flexible, scalable technology solutions that enable electric vehicle charging for everyone, everywhere it is needed.

Powertrain Integration

We have expertise in complete Integration / Installation of EV Powertrain be it retrofit project or new vehicle integration

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