EVI - Electric Vehicle India - FAQs
Mumbai, India

What’s the fuel economy savings?

It varies depending on the size of the vehicle and the battery. But take a commercial van (such as the Innova / Sumo) as an example:If you had the Innova and a 6kWh battery on board much like the production Prius, (Prius has 5.2kWh), we could deliver a 25 percent fuel savings over the base vehicle (no net battery energy usage)

  • What’s the price/cost?

    The motors currently are built in low volumes for specific OEM evaluation, test and demonstration programs. In high volume, the cost of two motors (with a total output of 220 HP) would be comparable to an equivalent conventional drivetrain.


What companies are you talking to?

OEMs, large fleets and major component suppliers globally. We’ve now conducted demonstration vehicle programs in conjunction with six different OEM manufacturers. We have active efforts underway in North America, Europe and Asia.

When will you get your first big contract, and with whom?

We are in detailed discussions with a number of OEMs and vehicle integrators around the world. There have been several announcements of OEM programs at recent motor shows; these announcements will continue to be made at the times and venues most appropriate for the specific parties.

Who’s the customer for this product?

EVI's motors can deliver benefits to a broad range of electric drive options for OEMs, fleet operators and various defense applications. EVI can benefit both new vehicles as well as those already on the road.

When can consumers get it?

As we are working with various OEMs and vehicle integrators, the timing of when exactly these vehicles will be available to consumers will be largely determined by how they fit into our partners’ product introduction schedules.

How are you addressing the durability issues of having such sensitive electronics and precision machining located so close to the harshness of road inputs?

No question, there are fundamental challenges that come with that harsh environment. We have validation programs underway that will fully meet or exceed the required automotive standards for an application of this type.

What do all those abbreviations mean?

  • ABS - Anti-Lock Braking System
  • AC - Alternating Current
  • BEV - Battery Electric Vehicle
  • BMS - Battery Management System
  • CAN - Controller Area Network
  • DC - Direct Current
  • DOD - Depth of Discharge
  • ECU - Electronic Control Unit
  • EV - Electric Vehicle
  • GHG - Green House Gasses
  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • GVW - Gross Vehicle Weight
  • ICE - Internal Combustion Engine
  • KPI - Key Performance Indicators
  • PM - Permanent Magnet
  • SHEV - Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • SECU - System Electronic Control Unit
  • SOC - State Of Charge
  • SOH - State Of Health
  • SUV - Sport Utility Vehicle
  • TFT - Thin-Film Transistor


Will the EVI Motors be available for purchase by the general public or private user?

EVI Motors and powertrains and conversion kits will only be supplied to qualified partners for new vehicles or major conversion programs.We are also interested in Dealers across the globe.So get in touch.

Can I buy one?

The EVI motors are not sold as off-the-shelf, individual units. EVI is currently working with a variety of major development partners including OEMs, Tier 1s, vehicle integrators and test centers. EVI can only accept contracts with these types of companies for projects that refine the design of the motors, aid the evaluation and testing or are part of high-volume, production-intent programs.

What applications can the EVI motors be used for?

The EVI motors are suitable for use as both motors and generators and have been integrated into a wide range of vehicles including compact cars, niche vehicles, SUVs, full-size pickup trucks and commercial vehicles. The EVI motors can be retrofitted or integrated into new vehicles where they can be used to provide either the primary drive or torque assist for pure electric, series hybrid and Through-The-Road-Hybrid applications.