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Fuel economy regulations of 35.5 mpg by 2015 and 54.5 mpg by 2025.
Increasingly stringent global emissions regulations.
A limited choice of costly, complex hybrid systems.
Scarce engineering resources and even scarcer engineering budgets.

An electric motor turns because of magnetic force exerted between a stationary electromagnet called the Stator and a rotating electromagnet called the Rotor. Different types of electric motors are distinguished by how electric current is supplied to the moving rotor.Induction motors are now the preferred choice for Automotive application, due to their rugged construction, absence of brushes (which are required in most DC motors) and—thanks to modern power electronics—the ability to control the speed of the motor.

Why Convert your car to electric in the first place?

The first reason is the environment. Toxic fumes, greenhouse gas, toxic waste, you name it we have put it in the environment with our cars. Car and truck exhaust is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution that has ever existed. We all know that car companies have been forced to clean up their act, to a point. But, simple emission controls are not the answer. Finding new ways to fuel our cars is the answer. Using renewable energy to power our cars is the answer that we are pursuing here. An electric vehicle produces very close to zero emissions, which is an excellent solution. You can use conventional AC power from your home, which is more and more produced with renewable energy sources or…You can do as we have done and set up your vehicle charging system to be run completely from the sun and the wind. It is the right choice that we can all make.

Practical Simplicity.Have you looked under the hood of your car lately? There are more bells and whistles all run by computer than the average person could figure out in a year, or perhaps a lifetime. I know I can’t. An electric motor has only one part that moves, it is simple and will run for hundreds of thousands of miles without having to look at it. Just think, no more fiddly things to fix all the time that break on your car. No more exhaust system and no more gasoline leaks. No more oil changes, and no more engine breakdowns or maintenance. You can use this new technology, which is available to you today to convert your own vehicle to electric.

EVI - Conversion Store

We at EVI knew all about issues and decided that we could help all those people that realize it is time for a change. We offer our clients two possibilities:

1. Conversion kit fully customized for that particular model of car (except full electronic signal integration). The kit is provided by the one of our AC induction Motor suitable for the performance requested by the client, the Electronic Unit which includeS all the necessary wiring safety circuit fuses and Controlling units with full CAN facilities access. The kit is provided with a PDF instruction manual and a DVD where a step by step installation procedure is filmed. The EASY installation of the electronic Unit enclosed safely inside the Power Pac, or Compact or Propel depending on the application, will allow our client to build his own electric vehicle in just a few steps. Of course our technical department is always available for support during the installation phases.
2. If you do not have time and don't want to get your hands dirty, our mechanics and engineers are available to start working on your vehicle, you will receive a phone call when to come and collect your new electric vehicle.