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PowerpAC, CompACT and PropEL, are the heart of the electronic system of our electric power train. The idea is simple yet brilliant: to enclose in one protected case all the functional electronic and electric parts of the conversion kit. This device contains all the necessary items needed for your conversion kit.

The powerpAC case includes the motor drive (inverter), the main contactors, fuses, battery charger, DC/DC converter and more. Everything is connected to the vehicle via multiple aircraft style connector, for an easy and quick installation. The Heat sink especially designed to fit any case dimension allow the dissipation of heat due to controller and DC/DC function allowing extra performance to all electronic parts and of course extra security.  

Every Power, Compact or Propel, case are customized to the specific application, and IP protection are starting from 65 to the maximum available on the market for marine application and protection in harsh environment.


             PowerpAC Model 15-25-30 Kw               CompACT Model 4-8-15-25-30 Kw

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The PowerpAC series include AC15-25-30 the main difference is due to the controller used inside. The electronic is carefully chosen with our Engineer to match the client request of performance , power and speed. The products can be ordered with an external cabling harness that allow fast plung and play procedrues once the motor has been place.

All cabling and connection are inspected by our Electronics and engineers to make sure Extra safety is provided. Power and Compact comes with different fuses and contactors.
The Controller is the heart of the powertrain conversion kit and as such our highy skilled techinitian and software programmed always check Firmwire and updated the software to allow extra compatibility with different application
Extremely Compact and with ingenious design the Compact case can be fitted esely in any small car (in the example the new Fiat 500 from EV Adapt where more than 300 of our kit are already installed) to allow easy installation procedures.