EVI - Electric Vehicle India - EV Accessories
Mumbai, India

Our core business is based on the production of AC induction motor, permanent Magnet motor and IGBT controllers. Nevertheless we do offer our client technical services on a wide variety of accessories

Electronic assessories , Battery management system and dysplay for Lithium batteries. Dysplay Gouge for monitoring charges, Handheld programmer for fine self fine tuning of powertrain directly on electric vehicles

Battery Charger of different brand and dimension to fit in every situation of both charging time necessities and space available inside the vehicles

Batteries from normal but cheap AGM to Lithium batteries , Thundersky or kyenergy. But also Lithium Polimer for high performances and long lasting powertrains.

Controllers, the heart of the electric powertrain. EVI, offer a wide range of choices, from the basic, but efficient Scalar control to the vector control system. Mosfet and IGBT hardware based controller are available to cover all demanding applications

Main contactors wiring and safety electric components for a step by step conversion and for EV parts


Main swiches, plugs, key start connections, all compenent needed and tested to help you through the conversion or for support of spares for your clients


High power cables of different diameter to macht all the possible demanding conversion and application