EVI - Electric Vehicle India - EV Powertrains
Mumbai, India

Electric Bikes and Race Kart: EVI solutions for these type of lightweight but fast application are entirely customized with our 4kw and 7wk AC induction pancake motors. Limited space, but high performances requirements are the major challange of these application and EVI finds different and intelligent solutions for the most demanding customers.

Subcompact, compact, and other lightweight applications requiring good performance in speed and acceleration: EVI 15kw , 25kw and 30kw EV powertrain kit has been tested now on several lightweight electric vehicles. Electric Smart , and Electric Fiat 500 are running smootly with more than 100 km of range and 10% regenerative breaking efficiency on 50km trucking test.

Full Size cars, small trucks applications: EVI 40kw, 50kw, 60kw powertrain kit has been tested now on Mercedes Class A and Audi A2 private electric conversion vehicles. These high output electric powertrain can be achieved by Inverter IGBT and controlling system.

Single speed and multi-speed sports car and replica: EVI 60kw and 90kw powertrain kit can offer great performance on speed and above all acceleration up to 4 second to 100km/h. All these high torque  AC induction motors have an integrated liquid cooled system to allow better performances and long range autonomy

Marine Application are one of main interest of EVI. the PropEL Electric outboard or inboard system kits include motor range from 15kw to 60kw for direct drive inboard solutions or electric outboards. The PropEL Electric motor system is a very innovative electric powertrain which includes the electric motor and the electronic  control power system integrated in a single IP66 anodized case for extreme protection in the harsh marine environment.

Marine application for sailing boats are the future of electric propulsion system. EVI has long recognize the importance of that and is offering inboard direct drive system customizable to all needs. The system is liquid cooled and motor from 15kw to 25kw are engineer to output very stable power from 200 al the way up to 1500 Rpm.