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Can EVI electric motors help you meet your goals?
If you’re an OEM, EVI can help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s strict fuel economy and emissions regulations while improving vehicle performance.
If you’re a company or a large organization with a commercial fleet of vehicles, EVI can help you improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet, saving you money and recouping your investment far quicker than other hybrid systems.
If you’re a Tier One automotive supplier, a powertrain supplier, or a supplier to these fleets, EVI can help you help your customers meet these regulations.

You have scarce engineering resources and ever-tightening budgets and vehicle lead times that require early, informed and firm decisions on advanced technology. However, EVI's motors occupy space that was formerly unused behind the wheels so they integrate more easily than on-board solutions. There is no need to make major changes to engine or emissions components or to modify drivetrain components such as gearboxes, differentials and driveshafts. In addition, the motors can be installed in new vehicles built on existing assembly lines with few changes to the manufacturing process.
With EVI, you can introduce hybrid powertrains to vehicle platforms with fewer new parts, less complexity, minimal changes to final assembly, and at a lower total cost than other hybrid drives.
EVI also supports all plug-in electric drive architectures and can add fuel economy and range to internal combustion (IC) engines running on gas/petrol, diesel or alternative and biofuels. All of these benefits make the EVI system the closest thing to a "bolt-on hybrid solution."

Company and Government Fleets
Rising operating costs, shrinking budgets and green mandates are hard to balance when your fleet still has a job to do every day. In fact, EVI believes the time is right for a system that can add the benefits of hybrid technology to light-duty vehicles that are already in service. EVI Electric’s system is a smarter and simpler way to improve fuel economy, add power and reduce emissions.
As large companies and governments try to meet these challenges, EVI believes that an all-new hybrid retrofit market will emerge to support the private and public sector fleets. The vast majority of this new hybrid retrofit market will come from converting light-duty cars, crossovers, trucks and vans. In fact, the total addressable vehicle market procured in the India alone is estimated to be over 1.5 million vehicles.
EVI's system can be easily integrated into a broad range of vehicles and can increase fuel economy by more than 30 percent depending on the size of the battery and the driving cycle. That means fleet owners can get the benefits of hybrid technology without having to buy all-new vehicles, engines or transmissions, or having to modify their engines to run on different fuels than what they are using today. Since these vehicles often have a lifecycle of two to six years beyond the lifecycle of a typical retail vehicle, system costs can be amortized over several years after the vehicle is already in service.

Individual or one-off projects
EVI is not currently in a position to support individual conversions or projects. However, we are always looking at ways to expand our business and would be interested in channel partners and dealers across the world.