EVI - Electric Vehicle India - Products
Mumbai, India

EVI has developed an easy installation and reliable line of powertrains ranging from 8kw up to 90kw nominal power, suitable for both automotive or marine applications, such as any other kind of special applications.

Complete powertrain solutions

Today's EVEs core business consists in its own-built complete EV powertrain solutions, Motors and motor controllers (mosfet and IGBT) which may be offered enclosed into the Patented solution named "eUNIT" (PowerpAC, CompACT, PropEL).

Custom-built electric motors

Our AC induction motors range between 2kW up to 90kW of nominal power, available both with air or liquid cooling.

eUNIT: controllers and electronics for EV

eUNITs by EVE consist in a clever easy-to-install electronic box, available in different sizes and solutions, which includes the motor controller, contactor, harness, fuses and other electronic devices required in EV conversions, such as Dc/Dc converter and Charger.

PropEL: inboard and outboard for marine applications.

PropEL is an even more innovative solution for Inboard Marine applications.
it consist in an all-inclusive stainless steel package including electric motor, reduction ggearbox, controller, heat exchanger and more, for an easy and immediate electric powertrain installation in any boat.